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Our site offers a wide selection of commercial properties ranging from spacious office spaces to high-rise business complex as well as other commercial units, industrial, warehouses and residential properties for business and investment. Check out Cancun and Playa del Carmen (Riviera maya) hotels for sale, Cancun and Playa del Carmen (Riviera maya) restaurants for sale and Cancun and Playa del Carmen (Riviera maya) office space for sale and rent.

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Ricardo Barraza & Associates offers a comprehensive brokerage services for anyone considering to live in Cancun or the Riviera Maya. We offer a quick response time to all your request and can assist you with all aspects of yourproperty search including arranging viewings at your convenience. Various consultation services are also available for clients interested in purchasing or investing in the Mexican real estate market or selling their existing property holdings.

All four are helpful in their respective areas in assisting with real estate transactions. Transactions outside of the restricted zone do not involve a bank since it is not necessary to establish a real estate trust in those areas. Otherwise the transactions are much the same.

Because of the similarities of real estate transactions in general, it is easy to assume that the basic terms and principles which are familiar in the United States also hold true in Mexico. This assumption becomes easier to make when United States real estate terminology is adopted for transactions in Mexico. Much of the paperwork is similar, if not exactly the same, as that used in the US. Although, there are many aspects of Mexican real estate transactions that are identical to procedures carried out in the United States, there are many aspects that are completely different. As a rule, a foreigner should assume nothing.

Mexican real estate transactions are not carried out in the same manner as United States real estate transactions. The buyer must retain professionals to assist in the transaction. Mexico has yet to regulate real estate transactions. Real estate agents and brokers are not legally licensed in Mexico. Consequently, a foreign buyer cannot always depend on the normal safeguards that would be applied to real estate transactions in the United States. The old saying "let the buyer beware" is very appropriate. Anyone can set up a real estate company in Mexico. There are no special requirements or brokerage licenses to obtain. A would-be real estate agent merely has to establish a Mexican corporation, obtain a work visa, and he is in business.

There are good reasons why the real estate industry in the United States is highly regulated. Until the real estate industry is regulated in Mexico, there will always be some real estate companies who prefer that buyers know as little as possible about real estate transactions. After all, a buyer cannot ask questions if he does not have any knowledge of the laws.

Currently there is nothing similar to a Real Estate Commissioner or a Department of Real Estate in Mexico. Some states are beginning to look at some kind of real estate legislation, but it might be some time before this is a reality. The NAR National Association of Realtors and the AMPI Association of Mexican Real Estate Professionals in Mexico are good places to start when trying to determine if a real estate company is reputable.If your agent its not a local with at least 15 years in the market make sure you investigate the agents background back in their home towm watch out he might be an OUTLAW. Some of the real estate companies have established quite a reputation for themselves at the U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies as well at some of the Consulates too.

A Mexican attorney should be involved to draw up contracts and to review the conditions and terms of sale. Additionally, an attorney can do a title search and point out any problems or alternatives a buyer may have. The buyer should always have his or her own attorney rather than using the attorney of the seller or some attorney used by a real estate company free of charge. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and usually if someones services are offered free of charge you are probably paying for them in some other way. Legally, only a licensed Mexican attorney should provide advice on the law. If an attorney is licensed in Mexico he should be able to produce a cédula profesional. This document is a registered license to practice law in Mexico and includes a photo of the attorney and his signature. To be sure that an attorney is licensed in Mexico, a foreign buyer should ask to see the attorneys license, or have the attorneys license number included in a retainer agreement before employing any services.